Sunday, April 10, 2016

Menu Updated!

Time for an update! Every 8 or 10 months or so we refresh our menu by adding new items and may be removing others. This time around, we are adding 2 new items and bringing back 2 others. Since customers love our chicken and lamb curry and on the request of some, we are adding another extremely popular Indian dish: The Chicken Tikka Masala. Did you know that Chicken Tikka Masala is the national dish of Britain? Yes, it is! England made that announcement some years ago which caused some controversy. Nonetheless, it is an Indian dish and now it is on our menu! Please come try it out and tell us what you think!

We are bringing back the eggplant mousaka. A favorite Middle Eastern vegetarian dish. Over many months, we had requests from vegetarian customers to bring it back and so we did! The lamb stew will also be back on the menu. Lamb stew is made of simmering thick cuts of lamb leg or shoulder in lite tomato sauce or gravy. Vegetables such as eggplant, carrots and chick peas are added as well.

Okay, we are also adding a new chicken wrap. Introducing  the Shish Tawooq (pronounced Sheesh tahwook) chicken wrap. It's made of small chunks of chicken breast and our new spicy Lebanese garlic sauce wrapped in Greek pita bread. Yummy and Garlicky!

Additionally, we are making a switch of the pita we use for the wraps. So as of today, we will be using the Greek pita bread instead of the Arabic pita bread. Difference? The Greek pita is thicker and softer than the sandwich Arabic pita. However, Greek pita is not ideal (too soft and fragile) for dipping so we will still serve the Arabic pita for the dips (hummus, baba ghanouj and tzatzkiki).

That's about it for the menu. We did remove some "under performing" items such the baked kibbeh and the spinach flatbread.  Of course, the pizza is gone forever with the exception of the kid's pizza.

We encourage your feedback and suggestions as always! Thank you!


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